Epoxy over acrylic paint

 I was thinking of having my artist friend paint a logo on the interior side of the transom, directly on the wood. Then I would cover it with a piece of fiberglass and resin to protect it. My question is, will MAS epoxy adhere to acrylic paint? Is there a better approach to this than my current plan?

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RE: Epoxy over acrylic paint

Some resins will stick to some acrylic paints. I don't know if MAS will. That's probably a question for MAS.

If you do this, first make sure that the paint has completely finished drying. Not just not tacky to the touch, but all reactions finished, all solvents/carriers fully evaporated. This could take days or weeks, depending on the conditions.

Also, be aware that the peel strength of the covering layer will be the strength of the paint adhering to the wood.

Let us know how this works out.



RE: Epoxy over acrylic paint

Hi Rosekelly, 

i would avoid painting directly to the wood and then glassing over.

the wood sheathed in glass is an important construction element, and as laszlo points out, you will effect the integrity of that bond by any paint on the surface of the wood that you subsequently glass over.  moreover, i think the value in 'protecting it' is probably outweighed by the problem of you have now made it pretty much permanent......

changing names or other decorative elements are things that folks inevitably like to revisit from time to time.   so i would just paint on top of the glass if you were so inclined.   the following link is a paint that can be applied on a transom: https://tcpglobal.com/pages/brand-1-shot?gclid=CjwKCAiA3KefBhByEiwAi2LDHNE5xZ79HFnbXtOe1amoGvXj9NgosOV6eTMhSweDlUjYkcBiq6xnoBoCumoQAvD_BwE   

then you can clear coat over it.

alternately, hi quality,  marine compatible, custom cut decals are how most folks do transom decorations these days as the art of the brush is something that is very challenging to find. 


RE: Epoxy over acrylic paint

Hspira, thank you for the info. I've considered decals and designs on rice paper, but then I remembered my friend that does amazing pinstriping and artwork on motorcycles and old cars. After further digging, the paint you suggested is actually what he typically uses, so maybe I'll plan on doing that. I'll have him paint the design over the epoxy and then varnish over the artwork. Thank you for the suggestions.

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