Wales on Tenderly Dinghy

Hi, I am at the point of puting the outside wale on my Tenderly Dinghy and can not get it to bend enough at the bow without it breaking. Has anyone else out there had this problem, and if so how did you solve it??? Any help would be appreciated.

Butch Mesenburg

Broken in Virginia


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RE: Wales on Tenderly Dinghy

 Hi dream chasers,

I am building the same boat and had the same problems you describe.  After breaking a couple of the rails I thought  I would try steam bending and that helped.  You tube has a number of  posts that address steam bending.  Go though them and pick out the process that may work for you. 

Good luck,

Shavings Maker


RE: Wales on Tenderly Dinghy

How are you guys attaching them? Center first, bow first or stern first?



RE: Wales on Tenderly Dinghy


I started a the bow and worked my way aft. I finally got it, did do some steaming to get done.

Dream Chasers

RE: Wales on Tenderly Dinghy

  I had the same issue using white oak. Instead of doing 2 12mm laminations i did 3 8mm laminations and it worked like a charm. I also have to point out that i did saw the stock from a very warped piece of stock, but i'm not sure that that was decisive in it's success.

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