Passagemaker rudder build and assembly

I've been working on a Passagemaker and I've reached the stage where I need to assemble and attach the rudder. There are issues that the manual doesn't touch on which I'd like to ask the forum hivemind about:

  1. Gudgeon installation with motor pad. Due to the motor pad, the transom surface is proud where the upper gudgeon is installed, leading to misalignment between the gudgeons. Should there be a spacer under the lower gudgeon or a recess in the motor pad for the upper gudgeon?
  2. Rudder cheeck spacing. After glue-up and assembly there will be 1.5mm gaps on either side of the rudder blade. Is this not too wide? Should the cheecks not have surface contact with the blade during sailing?
  3. Pintle installation and rudder thickness. The rudder is much wider than the pintles supplied. Should there be recesses routed in the cheecks for the pintles?

Really enjoying the build so far, great idea to sell boat kits and great community here too!

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