Interlux schooner varnish topcoat over Epifanes Rapid Clear?​

Hi builders, I'm a first-time builder excited to have just gotten my Shearwater 17 kit. I'd like to do varnish on the deck and hull, and have been attracted to using the Epifanes Rapid Clear for the first 3-4 coats (I am attracted to the idea that it doesn't need sanding in between coats and cures rapidly), with Interlux Schooner varnish for the last several coats. Am I setting myself up for adhesion or curing trouble by mixing varnish brands?


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RE: Interlux schooner varnish topcoat over Epifanes Rapid Clear?​

 I have used both products extensively and am a huge fan of both.  RapidClear is on three of my race boats and the interior of my skiff.  Schooner is on my bride’s Kaholo and our six other kayaks.  Rapidclear is a semi-gloss that is easier to apply and does not require sanding between coats.  Schooner is a gloss varnish which is bit harder to apply (sand between coats) but looks better if it is applied correctly.  I have found that with usage, the appearance difference decreases, and it is hard to tell them apart.

This picture is my four race boats after a few years usage.  One is Schooner and the other three are RapidClear, can you tell the difference?
If you prefer the gloss appearance, putting a high gloss varnish over RapidClear would be a good way to save time.  You could avoid any compatibility issues by using one of the Epifanes gloss varnishes.  This is pasted from the Epifanes web site regarding RapicClear:  “Also suited as quick drying primercoat prior to Epifanes Clear Varnish and Woodfinish Gloss (sand with 220).”  I have not personally used either but Epifanes has a great reputation.

If you are set on using Schooner, I suspect that the two products are compatible, but do not know for sure.  I suggest that you ask Interlux Technical Support the question.  Chemical compatibility is a tricky subject which requires detailed knowledge, so it is best to ask someone who actually has that knowledge.


RE: Interlux schooner varnish topcoat over Epifanes Rapid Clear?​

   I think it was your post that gave me the idea! Questions are in to Epifanes, we will see what they say, thank you. Any tips for working with the Epifanes Rapid Clear in the meantime, aside from using a roller and then hand brushing any bubbles from wet to dry? I've only worked with regular spar varnishes like Old Masters previously, and I didn't do the world's best job then. ;) 


RE: Interlux schooner varnish topcoat over Epifanes Rapid Clear?​

  No special tips.  I roll on with these trim rollers available at HD, then tip off with a foam brush from dry to wet (you said the opposit above).  It is less viscous than Schooner so it is easier to get runs.  I like to do the last coat when it is cool (60F).  Since it is this it tends to dry too quickly when it is warm.


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