Installing deck forms

The manual for the hybrid Wood Duck 10 is unclear on installation of the deck forms. Since the hull is curved and the form edges are not, it is proving difficult to place them in position correctly. Should I bevel the edges to match the curvature of the hull? Or should I tack them in one by one with hot glue? And if I do that, how difficult will it be to undo the tacks to adjust the forms to their final position? Is there any wiggle room in distance between forms? In other words, does 12 inches between forms mean 12 inches exactly? Also, how easy, or difficult, will it be to get the hot glue off the epoxy when I finally remove the forms? I am envisioning a lot of hot glue globs before the deck is done. So many questions – thanks in advance to anyone who can help me.

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RE: Installing deck forms

tack them in one-by-one with hot glue.

the forms should be placed pretty much on the location called for.  while it does not need to be ultra-precise....i would not want to be off by more than 1/4 inch...but i would be shooting for the mark.  the fairness of the deck depends on these forms being in the right location.

you can temporarily hold them in place with some packing tape pulled over the form and pulling the hull sides tight against them.  there should be no 'adjustment' of the forms to a final position.  they are temporary for building the deck and need to be in the right location....when the deck is complete...they are removed and not used again. will have one or two that you glue incorrectly and will need to be removed/reset.  a razor scaper makes quick work to undoing them.

getting the glue off is a bit of hassle and will require some elbow grease.  but it's easy if you start with a sharp chisel or razor blade scraper to get 99% of it off.....then you will need a bit of 120 grit sanpaper to ensure it is fully removed.  its important to remove all the glue as epoxy will not bind to it.

hope that helped



RE: Installing deck forms

   I appreciate the advice but am still a bit puzzled. If I am working to a tolerance of a quarter of an inch, and the forms are a half-inch thick, and the first one is to be installed six inches from the bow, do I measure six inches to the front of the form, or to the center point? And from there six inches between forms or center to center? Am I overthinking this? I have a tendency to do that. But I really don't want to screw it up.

RE: Installing deck forms

excellent question. you are not overthinking it.   that said,  i don't have the instructions for that boat in front of i don't know exactly how to answer you. 

i would note that a little off the mark is not typically going to create any problem (e.g., that's why i suggested you could probably be a 1/4 inch off and could never detect it in the final build)

in traditional strip builds, you place the face of the form that will be in contact with the strips on the 'mark',  generally, on all the forms from the center of the boat forward, the forward face of the form is on the 'mark' (thats becuase as the strips angle inwards towards the bow, they will hit the forward-most edge of the form...  becuase the forms have thickness and are cut square).   On the forms in the rear half of the boat, the rear face of the form is on the 'mark'.   and the marks, other than the forward most and rear-most are generally 12 inch spacing from one-another.  (this is the traditional 12 inch 'sections'  and a section is 2 dimenisional concept translated into a three dimensional form with the added dimension of the 'thickness' of the form material)

in the couple hybrid boats i have built, they have typcially followed the same logic....but following the directions with the specific kit is the best approach.

clc has a great help line and can also easily answer your question...and sometimes somebody explaining it over a voice call can really clear it up.



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