Deck form trouble

I'm posting on this issue again because I'm having significant difficulty installing the deck forms on my WD10 hybrid (my first hybrid). I was able to install the first form at about 6.5 inches and tacked it in with hot glue. I could not get the second form closer than about 14 inches from the first, rather than the prescribed 12 inches. I tried flexing the sides but that didn't work. So I'm asking again, would it help to bevel the forms? I ask this because the forms are cut square and the hull is curved, so the forms do not meet flush with the hull. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so how did you solve it?

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RE: Deck form trouble

Hi Mike, 

a picture of what's happening and posting it might be helpful.  it sounds by what you are saying is that the hull is too narrow and you cant push the form to 12 inches from the form in front of it (you can only get it 14 inches?).

obviously don't want to break anything but usually you can tap these forms into place with a rubber mallet. 

also, you mentioned the first form at 6.5"....where was it supposed to be?

i am not sure if you saw my note on the station marks and the face of the form....   3/2/23 at 9:11 PM

beveling doesn't really address the issue unless you want to simply make it fit regardless of the design specifications.  if this is the forward bulkheads, the forward-most face of the form should be on the mark to meet the design specification.  

can you confirm you are working with a kit?  also make sure your forms don't have a nub on them that could be interfering with the fit.....

i have had similar tapping exercises with a mallet or using strapping tape to pull a hull in tighter than it is laying.     but two inches is a long way off for a hybrid/strip hull.  to the extent that there are parts that need a bit more elbow grease, it tends to be in the bow and stern where there is more bending going on then in the mid-sections.


RE: Deck form trouble

   Here is what I am wondering: can I bevel the vertical edges to fair them in with the sides of the hull, and thereby place them in their proper positions? Because I am still stuck on the second form from the bow, which no amount of nudging or tapping will move into its proper position. Since it is the top edge of the form that defines the shape of the deck, is there any reason not to reshape the vertical edges as long as the tops fall on or close enough to their marks?

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