Trailex 250 trailer tire size change

 I notice the new 250 trailers have gone from 8 inch standard size to 12 inch size. I was told the 250 models couldn't handle 12 inch tires. Can g I replace my 8" tires with 12" 4lug radials?

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RE: Trailex 250 trailer tire size change

Who told you 250's can't take 12" rims?

I 'upgraded' a 220-S a couple years ago from 8" supplied rims & tires to 12" rims fitted with radials. Had to raise the fenders enough that they'd clear but other than for that they fit and run fine.

Of course you need to ensure that the bolt circle on 12" rims matches that of the 250's hubs but other than that, and adding clearance for the fenders, it should be a no-brainer.

One other factor is adjusting tire pressures for the load you'll be carrying. Typically there's no reason to go with 30 psi in each tire unless your trailer plus load on it is greater than 600 lbs. My rig runs around 300 lbs, engineer at tire manufacturer gave me a formula for determining running pressure of 26 lb. each for the tires I bought. 


RE: Trailex 250 trailer tire size change


Initially, Trailex only sold their trailers with 8" wheels. A few years ago, CLC started offering an upgrade to the 12" wheels. Over the next few months (2023) Trailex will be eliminating the 8" wheel option altogether. As stated in the post above, you may need to adjust your fender to allow for the larger tire. 

The replacement wheels & tires can be found here on the CLC website here.

Call the CLC customer service department if you have any questions; 410-267-0137. 

Thanks, Ed

RE: Trailex 250 trailer tire size change

   Just before moving from Buffalo, NY to South Florida, I replaced and upgraded my tires on a 12+ year old 250 trailer from the 4.8x8 wheels to  4.8x 12 wheels.  this required me to relocate the fenders for more clearance.  I did this as I was not comfortable driving 1400 miles on the original tires and figured I might as well go with the larger wheels at the same time.



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