Trimming Strakes in Lighthouse Tender Peapod?

My keel and bow overlapping strakes don't have enough notch cutout - they're buttet up tight againg the cutouts but still leaving gaps. Is it normal (or not abnormal) to have to trim away a bit more of the cutout for a tight fit at the ends?

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RE: Trimming Strakes in Lighthouse Tender Peapod?

First, let me say that I've only rowed and saild a Peapod, never built one (yet). But with that said, it looks to me that the shape of the boat wasn't allowed to develop properly, probably because of too-tight stitches that aren't letting the sides expand out far enough to form the designed sheer.

The leading edges in the first picture are also not positioned properly. The edges should be touching each other, not the faces. This misalignment can certainly be a major contributor to the gaps.

So, the fixes - 1) loosen up the stitches, especially the center sides, and maybe use a stick to set the proper beam width. That will expand the beam and allow the ends to close up. You can actually see this happening when you push on the sides of an origami paper boat. 2) loosen the stitches and repostion the end leading edges so that the planks meet at the edges, not at a face and edge. Does the manual say anything about beveling the edges so that the planks can lay flat against each other?

The good news is that this is an incredibly common thing, very fixable and if you have patience it can be completely fixed before you lock the shape in with epoxy and it will never bother you again.

Good luck,


RE: Trimming Strakes in Lighthouse Tender Peapod?

   I had to trim mine on both sides to make them fit. Once I did the bow and stern came together much better.

Also: It can be tough to pull the strakes together so spray/spritz water on them to get them to cooperate. The glue used to make the strakes is water proof so no worry. Drill more holes and add copper wires as needed.

I had a blast building my Peapod! Enjoy


RE: Trimming Strakes in Lighthouse Tender Peapod?

   I trimmed out a couple of millimeters in the ends of the notch cutouts in the overlapping strakes, and then applied the three-clamp method to pull them together and then wire. Worked much better, all good now! Thanks for your help.

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