Starting my Wood Duck Hybrid (Finally!)

Bought this kit about 6 yrs ago.... Life got in the way as usual, so I'm finally getting started. Read through several of the posts here and a few build logs. 

Does anyone have a general summary of things the wish they had done differently? Any modifications that are helpful that should be done at an earlier stage? possibly reinforcements for tiedowns, etc? Thanks in Advance!

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RE: Starting my Wood Duck Hybrid (Finally!)

Congrats. My longest wait was 10 years between kit purchase and start of assembly.

My WD12 was the S&G deck, not hybrid, but the mods that I did that worked best in the early stages were the wooden stem and stern pieces instead of endpours, fully glassing the inside and the stud-mounted footbraces;

Details at my Building a Wood Duck 12 page. The main thing I would have done differently would have been to glass the bulkheads before inserting them.

Have fun,




RE: Starting my Wood Duck Hybrid (Finally!)

   Thanks so much! These are precisely the things I was considering. I've seen your site before, a treasure!


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