Dotted lines in my fiberglass/epoxy. Help!

I've ended up with some significant (to me) dotted white lines where I cut the edge of the fiberglass at the tape used for the border of my outside seam on my Guillemot kayak.  Especially evident over the dark walnut.  I thought they would go away when I put the fill coat on.  Instead I feel like they are now embedded deeper into the epoxy.  Any chance of doing something to make them go away?  I only thing I can think of is to "eraser" sand or cut into the area but that might just expose more glass.  

Help!  Ron.

First time trying to link photos below...


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RE: Dotted lines in my fiberglass/epoxy. Help!

That effect is caused by the glass fibers acting like light pipes and shining the light directly at you. It's brightest where the fibers are perpendicular to the surface of the epoxy. Adding the fill coat didn't help because the glass wasn't white from improper saturation, it was white from the way the fibers lined up with the surface.

Unfortunately, the only way to get rid of it is to remove all the glass and try again.



RE: Dotted lines in my fiberglass/epoxy. Help!

i have done several dark-stained cedar-strip boats and have, from time-to-time, experienced a similar problem.

without redoing it, one way to make them go away (or make them less visible) is to carefully apply a bit more stain on top of the glass....rub it in....then lock it in place with a coat of epoxy.

you need to be careful to not spill stain all over....and not make it look like you have a 'spill'.  but i found that stain over stain can be blended to appear continuous and cover these little blemishes such that they basically disappear.

can't guarantee it....but it has worked for me.  below is an example....a bit darker....but used some of the technique i mentioned above.



RE: Dotted lines in my fiberglass/epoxy. Help!

   Thanks guys.  seems like these spots showed up from cutting the "leather" off the edge tape a bit too early so the light pipes situation makes sense.  

Since there is no stain anywhere else on the boat I'm a bit leary of adding any at this point.  Especially since this line of dots runs much of the entire length of the boat on both sides.

Did a test of carving out a V channel down to the dots and refilling with epoxy.  worked pretty well but haven't decided if it will be work the effort to do this for the entire boat.  I'm anxious to get the boat done and on the water!

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