Skerry Row 1st, then sail kit?

Is it possible or wise to build a Skerry from the rowing only kit, and then add the sailing woodwork later? I am intimidated by the beauty of all of the finished craft I have seen. If I invest in the row kit first and then convince myself that such a craft is within my skill set I can then purchase the sail kit. Plus this would allow me to replenish the supply of boating unit$ (although with CLC you seem to need more clamps than dollars).


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RE: Skerry Row 1st, then sail kit?


Sure you can do that.   You'll get the daggerboard trunk with the rowing kit anyway, since it supports the center thwart, and that's probably the most important structural component you'll need for sailing.  You don't have to cut the daggerboard slot, but you could.  If there is a chance you won't ever sail it, it would be better not to cut the daggerboard slot until you decide to start sailing.  

The other things to check on are the mast step and partner.  If you can plan ahead and install those while you're building you'll simplify things later.  They can be added later, but once you've painted or varnished, you'll need to get back to bare epoxy in the vicinity of those additions.

I think all the other components will be very easy to add later. 

Having said all of that, I'll try to dispell the intimidation factor.  Go at your own pace and ask questions whenever something isn't clear and I'll bet you'll do fine.


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