Petrel Play S&G foot room

I'm happy with the PP S&G except with regard to foot room. The specs say that it is suitable for up to 12.5 shoe size. I wear size 10 and it's uncomfortably tight in shoes. I have to use water shoes that are a snug fit. I'm wondering if it is due to my 32" inseam or maybe because I'm using the Creature Comfort seat that's shifting me forward. What is the experience of others?

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RE: Petrel Play S&G foot room

I am slightly smaller (30" inseam, size 8.5 shoes) and I agree that the PP is a little tight.  I find that moving the foot pegs towards the bow helps becasue my feet are less vertical (toes on pegs). I love the way the PP paddles but have a couple of other boats that are more comfortable for long paddles.  Picture is from a four day kayaking trip I did last fall.  After a couple of hours, I was wishing I had taken the Ch17LT. 


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