CLC Teardrop Camper for sale unfinished

CLC Teardrop Camper is for sale unfinished. I took the first teardrop building class at CLC in 2017. However, due to a series of medical conditions, I was and am unable to finish the project. The camper is 60-70% finished. It will need need a new coat of epoxy on the exterior and to be varnished or painted. The camper is mounted on a trailer. It comes with all hardware, Moss epoxy, the vent kit, door kit, front box kit, galley kit, most of the electrical system, a roof rack kit with roof racks, and a handmade cover. All parts and components would cost approximately 11,500 K today. I would like to partially recover my costs for 7 K or the best offer. The camper is located in Silver Spring, Maryland. I can provide photos and a detailed list of all parts included. Please feel free to contact me on the Forum or by writing to me at [email protected].


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