Peapod custom modifications

My Peapod was built specifically for rowing. I've added a removable Sampson Post for the painter, Portable battery operated brass and mahogany navigation lights, Removable brass compass mounted on the floorboard cutout for bilge access, magnetic flush mount 10 inch tablet with Navionics with solar charge capabilities, shade screen for tablet, Amercian flag and flagpole. If interested contact me additional info or photographs.

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RE: Peapod custom modifications

Don't suppose we could convince you to post some of those pictures here, could we?



RE: Peapod custom modifications


Unfortunately I'm unable to download photos to the forum.  My e-mail is [email protected] if you or anyone else would like to see photos of the modifications. Thanks.




RE: Peapod custom modifications

Here are Gerrit's pictures and some of his commentary as captions. That is some seriously nice work, as well as really useful modifications. Click to enlarge.

The Samsung tablet with Navionics allows me to track my distance, speed and time, all at a price cheaper than a Garmin handheld. It is held securely in place with a magnet yet easy to remove.

Living in deep east Texas it gets hot pretty early. Portable navigation lights help me get out an hour before daylight while being visible to the 60 mph bass boats that share the lake we live on. The red and green lights fit snugly in the opening of the spacered inwales. The rear stern light is secured with 1/8 inch brass pins.

The Sampson post gives me something to tie the painter to.

The compass was used by my great uncle while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico many years ago. It allows me to to pick a point, get a compass bearing and maintain a steady course. I enlarged the hole from 3 inches to 4 to accommodate the compass mount. This also allows me to get my hand into the bilge with a sponge to soak up any moisture that makes it way into the bilge. The compass is secured with 1/8 inch brass pins.

Shade screen for tablet, Amercian flag and flagpole.

That is one classy rowboat!



RE: Peapod custom modifications

   looks fantastic!   My build quality is nowhwere like your is (and I am ok with that) but I might steal your idea for placement of the compass, with some mods on top of that.  I like the idea of a 4" hole, but re-staining and and epoxying and varnishing to achieve that does not appeal to me at the moment, and I have a cheap "kayak" compass that is meant to lash to a kayak via bungees that I have not had much luck lashing to a satisfactory point on the seat, so I might 3d print a new base (sans bungees) that fits the 3" OEM hole and jam it in there.  I primarily sail, but I think the placement in the hole will be excellent location for sail or rowing...


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