Penetrating epoxy suggestions needed

Hi All,  I have been using penetrating epoxy to seal plywood and lumber on my boat builds before varnishing and painting.  I have used Smith's Clear Penetating Epoxy Sealer.  The problem with this product is that the solvents are incredibly toxic to work with.  Just an instant headache when the can is opened.  It does do a good job of soaking into the surfaces being treated.

The other product I've used is the Total Boats penetrating epoxy.  This is a water base epoxy so there is no toxicity problem.  This product is easy to work with, but as it dries it trends to bead up on horizontal surfaces and runs are almost impossible to brush out on vertical surfaces.  I'll finish an application in the evening and all is good, and in the morning, the material has beaded up on the flat surfaces and collected on the bottom edges of the vertical pieces.

Are there solutions or different products to try?  I'm about to start sealing up a 15 foot skiff and I'm hoping I can find a better alternative.  Please all suggestions are welcome!


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