How to seal front bulkhead in Guillemot S?

Putting the finishing touches on my Guillemot and I've been able to seal both front and back sides of the rear minicell bulkhead.  Also sealed the front face of the front bulkhead... but the back side?.... it's two feet past the front edge of the cockpit and my stubby arms just don't make it.  And working with that little tube of 5200 sealant is messy enough in the somewhat accessible hatches.  

Any suggestions other than borrowing the neighbrs 4 year old and teaching them to install sealant in confined spaces?


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RE: How to seal front bulkhead in Guillemot S?

hi debris, 

the approach i use is to put the boat upside down on some taller sawhorses, i put a charcoal respirator on and a flashlight on my forehead and reach into the cockpit with my hands outstretched in front of me with the tube of 5200.  i then focus on getting the material in place and the come out for a short rest.

next i go in again with a 1 inch wide popsicle stick attached to an ~ 18 inch stick and then fillet, smooth out my 5200.

the respirator is key.  getting the boat high enough so the you have comfortable posture reaching in is also key.  you can practice getting it all set-up prior to openig the 5200.

don't use the neighbor's 4 year old....the mom's tend to frown on that :)




RE: How to seal front bulkhead in Guillemot S?

   Thanks H.  Tipping the boat over does make it much more accessible and I was able to contort my way forward enough to reach the bulkhead without the 18" extension.  I actually used the 5200 Fast Cure for this and liked the way it worked and set up better than the regular 5200.  I've only been able to find it in white but no one will see it but my feet.

I did end up using the 4 year old to help install some washers and nuts on a footman's loop I put on the "inside" of my cheek plates for the backrest anchors.  Nothing like nimble little hands to help out in tight spaces!


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