Measure twice, cut... Ah crap!

As the title might suggest I goofed the layout of the coaming ring on my Ches 17.  Cut material away on an initial trim then discovered my error.  The coaming ring will cover the boo boo but on one side the ring and deck meet about half way.  In other words the bottom of the coaming spacer is exposed on the bottom of the inside of the spacer on one side. 

I have not removed the clamps yet.  I believe there is enough deck material covered that it will not pop loose, but this is my first effort and I don't want to goof up any worse than I have.  Should I worry about the spacers poping, should I try to nai from underneath or just thank my lucky stars that I don't have a big hole in the side of my deck.

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RE: Measure twice, cut... Ah crap!

God of Thunder never worries about a small gap!


Seriously, though, if you want to fill it, fill it.  I'm not sure I really understand whether the gap is between deck and riser or something else, but either way, fill it with a little epoxy and flour and you should be fine.  If there's a gap between the riser and deck, you'll want it filled though, because it will be a point where water can get in the cockpit and that's just uncomfortable sometimes (assuming you don't have an open-cockpit boat).



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