Eastport Pram - middle frame location

I am ready to permanently install the middle frame, but the plans do not show the location??

I have double and triple check, but they do not directly show the location for the middle frame (contrary to the manual)

The best I have come up with is to take a measurement from the locations of the mortises for the daggerboard truck component, and use the trunck sides to find where the frame will sit relative the trunk, (this is what I did to space the hull when starting to glue it together).

Unless someone can tell me where the location can be found in the plans, I dont know of another way to locate.

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RE: Eastport Pram - middle frame location

Odd that... I guess one of the drawbacks of going with plans as opposed to a kit?   

On the 'lines drawings' portion of the EP's web page here there's a dimension from the bow to where that frame is positioned, but it's too blurry for me to read what the numbers should be telling us.

Yet it's clear enough there that frame serves to both add support for the daggerboard trunk at its aft end as well as provide support for the midship seat so perhaps not such A Big Deal after all?

What does the build manual tell you about how the daggerboard trunk is bonded to that frame? That may be enough to guide your progress.

Still, lacking input from other forumites, I'd give CLC's excellent tech support crew a call on Monday for their insights.

RE: Eastport Pram - middle frame location

Yeah, figured the plans would cover this kind of thing.

That drawing is at least a helpful clue. Looks like 52-1/4",  I'll check that against the rough location I have found from the mortises for the trunk.

Good callout on giving the tech support a call. I forget that they're available.


RE: Eastport Pram - middle frame location

The mortises for the tabs on the bulkhead define where the bulkhead goes. It's like a plastic model kit.



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