Jersey Girl the Houseboat

The last time I posted about my current long-term project (Jersey Girl the Houseboat) was just about 5 years ago, when I said I hoped to launch in 2019. Well, I sorta blew past that deadline, and did not actually launch until May of 2021. This is her third season in the water, and she's a total success. One thing I've learned is that a project like this is never really finished -- there's always an improvement to be made, something new to add. The projects for this year so far have been a below-deck electric anchor winch, a second house battery, two new solar panels in addition to the two I had ainstalled earlier, a more secure placement for the original house and starter batteries, and a network of snap-buckled straps to to keep the inside cushions in place. If you are interested, you can see a complete narrative of my Jersey Girl adventure, in words and pictures, at the Facebook page Jersey the Houseboat. I'll include one outside picture and one interior shot here. The CLC hook is that I constructed JG's hull using puzzle-jointed half-inch plywood from Chessapeake Light Craft, which made the job (a little) quicker. 

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RE: Jersey Girl the Houseboat

Nice boat. Very nice boat. I'd love to be out on a nice calm lake in that one.

That puzzle ply with pre-cut puzzle joints is great stuff. I used it on my Bolger Schooner in 1/4" and 1/2" thicknesses. It made the construction much easier than the plywood on frame with the doubled bottom sheets that Bolger specified.

Congrats on your houseboat.




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