Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

I am buying a Autumn Leaves kit that is 90% finished on Sunday.  I thought instead of renting a flatbed trailer, I might just buy a used one on Craigslist.  Any recommendations?  I also have a Chester Yawl kit that I have not completed.  I am more of a builder than a boater.

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RE: Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

   Previously on this forum I've advertised the fact that on at least 4 occasions I've obtained good boat trailers (sometimes some refurbishment required) by scavanging at local boatyards, storage places and yacht clubs.  All priced at $1 or less.  And yes, sometimes coming with the admin hassles of retitling/re-registering with no previous owner paperwork.

Actually by coincidence, and without any of my doing, the yacht club of which I'm currently a member just sent out notification that they are clearing out the "back forty" and any trailers not claimed are up for grabs.  I've already put down dibs on a couple of them, and have to wait for the grace period to expire to see if they get claimed by owners.

The trailers I'm after are smaller than would be good for Autumn Leaves, but there a a couple I noticed that might be suitable - various levels of refurbishment required. I wasn't concentrating on the bigger trailers, so don't have specifics in my mind on their status.

Anyone needing a trailer who is willing to come pick up a trailer from the north side of Atlanta, I could take down your desires/boat specs and look to see what is out among the trees and weeds.  There are over 20 sitting there now.

RE: Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

   If you are anywhere near Northern Virginia or Eastern Shore of Chesapeake I have just the trailer you need. Untitled but the price is right. I brought Indigo, my Autumn Leaves back from Wisconsin on it.

RE: Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

   While I grew up in Virginia and have relatives where you are, I am now in Colorado.  That's how I keep buying CLC kits on Craigslist!

RE: Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

What rig do you have Ron?

 I have AL #1, bought from original builder (from plans). I've done extensive work on her. Replaced the entire rig, changed from gaf to jib headed sloop, reworked the tiller connection, added electrical system, made 9.5' oars, &etc.

Dave D. owns AL #2. He built the first kit off the CNC, is close by and we sail together fairly frequently. His is the lug rig and extremely well fitted out. He's an experienced sailor and dang fine rigger.

There is another AL in build close to here by Brad B. We're all in touch. I have some build pics on my Flickr page here. If you have any questions give me a shout through Flickr DM. I can tell you what I stuffed up so you can do it a different way, probably Dave's way would be better.

Glad to know of another AL out there. But sad to still have an extra trailer.


RE: Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

  It did not come with the sailing rig.  I was thinking the lug rig.  I will check out Fickr.

RE: Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

   A shout out to you Silver Salt from "Brad B"; just launched a couple of weeks ago from that place you'd kindly recommended - Shady Side - spending 8 days out on my M15, dropping in at Parish Creek Landing.  The AL project continues here, hoping soon to connect bulkheads 3, 4 and 5, to make the "box" and then wrapping the hull sides around it, so as to have something for the first time rudimentarily resembling a thing known as "boat".

RE: Trailer Recommendation (Autumn Leaves and Chester Yawl)

   Brad! Good to hear from you. Man, do I have the trailer for your AL!

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