Skerry/Trailex trailer

Think i need a little advice. A recent 500 mile tow of my Skerry strapped to the lightway tra ilex trailer exposed some serious problems with my strapping technique. In a way, the very shape of this boat model seems to fight a snug mounting to the trailer. I have no fear of the boat coming free but frequent checks en route reveal a lot of twisting away from correct allignment on the trailer....btw, I do not use ratchet straps.. Tomc

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RE: Skerry/Trailex trailer

   In this case, I believe i have answered my own question. After much fiddling with the trailer, the solution to snuggly fitting the boat to the trailer is found in the proper positioning , both rake and centering, of the trailer banks. A recent 400 mile trip confirmed this... Tomc

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