Eastport Pram Seat Install and Leveling

Hello All,

First time builder building the Eastport Nesting Pram. I am trying to rough out the locations for the fwd and aft seats. The manual mentions that both fwd and aft seats have a slight upwards angle, but how is this determined? Does the boat need to be level on the sawhorses? Do I level the boat using the center seat as dead level (fwd/aft and port/starboard)?

My main concern is the fwd seat since that angle can change the rake of the mast since the mast step is positioned to be directly inline using a square on the top of the fwd seat.

Any help is much appreciated as I could not find this information in the forums already.



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RE: Eastport Pram Seat Install and Leveling

    We're in the process of building an ENP which has gotten stalled for a while. After a careful study of the drawings in the manual and using a drafting program  to look at the angles, I decided that the center seat can be used as a reference for level both for and aft and side to side. I'll try to find the drawing and post it.

As far as the angle for the bow seat, This is the answer I got from terry at CLC,

"Thanks for your question about mast rake on the Eastport Nesting Pram.

The vertical mast should be at right angles to the waterline when the boat is properly balanced.  This is shown on page 108 of the manual.

The Mark 1 sail rig had a slight rake aft, but in the Mark II rig the mast is vertical (see attachments).  I assume that you have a Mark II rig.

I recommend that you get your mast as close to vertical as possible by adjusting the position of the mast step and enlarging the deck/mat partner opening if needed.  You can then use wooden wedges to adjust the mast position.  You are correct that you don't want the mast to rake forward.

That said, a small pram is constantly moving fore and aft and rolling when in the water, so balancing the boat with your weight while sailing will have a huge effect on the mast position--and much more than a few degrees of rake.

So, get the mast as vertical as possible and make any further adjustments by using your position in the boat, and you'll be fine."



RE: Eastport Pram Seat Install and Leveling

Hopefully one or the other below will work.I'm always baffled as to how to post pictures in this forum -- I wish there were a sticky note for it.



Eastport Nesting Pram mast rake


Eastport Nesting Pram Seat angle

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