paint booth for varnishing

Any suggestions on how to create a dust-free environment for varnishing? It's pretty dusty in my garage and it will be difficult to hose down the floor. I was thinking of building a temporary paint booth out of plastic drop cloths that go from the ceiling to the floor, and also covering the floor with plastic. Anybody have any better ideas?



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RE: paint booth for varnishing

You're on the right trick. You need to evacuate the dust and the way to do that is to cut an 18" square out of the wall of the booth, put a box fan there blowing in  and put an AC filter over the back of the fan. Turn it on and the dust filled ari will be displaced in about an hour. SEEYA Jack

RE: paint booth for varnishing

I did that but not the floor.  Just wetted the floor. Also wetted the walls.  Worked ok for me.  Plastic is dirt cheap.

RE: paint booth for varnishing

You want the fan blowing out of the booth, not in.  Fresh air comes in the A/C filter traping any airborne dust, and removing fumes and dust within.  Stagger the 2 boxes... fan at floor on one end, filter 6' up at the other.  Air flow will also help the surface to cure. 

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