Cardboard Kayak Anyone?

Thought some of y'alls might find this interesting.  I believe CLC has a cardboard canoe project though I'd expect it to be a bit sleeker than this particular version of kayak,

best,  bob h.

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RE: Cardboard Kayak Anyone?

About the cardboard Kayak, try the Harley Davidson dealer.

The motorcycles come in 8'X4' heavy boxes.

Wood Turner 

RE: Cardboard Kayak Anyone?

Reminiscient of the cardboard boat races at the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival.

RE: Cardboard Kayak Anyone?

On a similar note, I believe the University of Wisconsin civil engineers have concrete canoe contest/races every year.  Not as pretty as wood by a long shot though.




RE: Cardboard Kayak Anyone?

I hope the Harley Davidson cardboard boxes are better than the bikes they contain!

Wordsmith (BMW rider)

RE: Cardboard Kayak Anyone?

Oh Wordie!!!

This is a kayak site or we would be having our first cross words with one another. LOL  I will admit that BMWs are nice bikes... for Old Ladies and Wimps.  Hahahahaha


RE: Cardboard Kayak Anyone?

Touche, KK!   But let me pose a question I read somewhere once - would you willingly climb aboard a large multi-engined aircraft that had big sign on the side 'Powered by Harley-Davidson'?  

(I will willingly admit that BMW makes some of the UGLIEST bikes on the road... like my R1200GS, f'rinstance)!


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