I modified my Skerry Rudder to add an uphaul line.


The arrow points to where I put the second hole.


The line is just visible.


The 2 lines control the up and down of the rudder blade. I simply cleat the one which is working and at this point leave the other loose. I plan to eventually put the cleat on the top of the rudder.

I modified the rudder to have an uphaul because alot of the places I bring my boat are rough and damage the blade when it rub against the bottom. This way I can just uncleat the lock, pull on the uphaul line and my rudder blade is up and out of harms way. Saves me from hanging on the back of the boat in waves, trying to snag the rudder with my boat hook.





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RE: I modified my Skerry Rudder to add an uphaul line.

Got the pictures up.

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