Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Launch and build photos/videos are here, She rows like a dream. Tracks straight, and fast too. I have to put on a couple more coats of varnish but I couldn't wait any longer.

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RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Nice looking boat, how much cat hair is there in the varnish? I'e always thought boats sail better with cats in 'em. SEEYA Jack

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Conversely, I wonder how much varnish is on the cat?

Spectacular job! But I have to say, would you people stop posting pictures of your doggone boats! Now I need an Annapolis Wherry, an Arctic Hawk and a Sassafras Canoe that I didn't need last week. I don't have room for this stuff! I'm starting to wonder if I will end up needing to abandon orphaned boats on neighbors' front steps in the dead of night.


Ogata, eric

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

There doesn't seem to be much footage of the Annapolis Wherry actually being rowed on the web. So here's some more.

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Anyone know why the "insert link" function does not work for me? I just get an empty box when i click on it in the tools below.

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

What a beautiful job!  My friend and I are about to take the plunge and order the kit.  We live in Davis and plan on building it in our garage in Carmel.  Looks like you're in our neck of the woods (SF Bay Area).  Any chance we could buy you lunch or a few beers and get some pointers?  Or perhaps a few minutes on the phone?  -Craig Reynolds

Here's my email: [email protected]

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Hi Jim,

I was looking at your Wherry gallery pics (great job by the way) and noticed a few I had not seen before, numbers 0206->0209. I was just wondering what this device is, it looks like a self bailer? Did you find you were taking a lot of water over the side? Where on the wherry did you install it?


RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Yep that's a self bailer and, nope not taking on any water over the side. The reason I installed it is two fold. 1) It makes it much easier to get water out of the boat after a wash down prior to putting the boat away after rowing. 2) I store the boat in slings with a CLC canvas cover outdoors. In the event of a cover failure in a rainstorm I would hate to return to find my boat broken in half because it filled up with water. So I leave the bailer open when in storage. I chose the self bailer because it allows ALL the water in the boat to drain out. And when it is closed it is flush with the bottom of the boat, so no drag. In the event that water enters the boat while rowing it will drain out through the self bailer as long as there is forward motion. I could not figure a way to get the same features from a standard drain plug. It is installed just aft of the front thwart on the port garboard next to the keel line. This is where water pools when I am seated in the boat in the water. Works well so far, no leaks. Lots of scullers have been using them in their shells for years.


RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Great Job.  She is beautiful.  Where are the maiden voyage pictures taken?

Paul G

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Great Job!

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Maiden voyage pics were taken near the public boat ramp in Sausalito CA.

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.


Thanks for the details, good stuff to know. I've just started my wherry, hope to be done by early Spring.

Happy New Year,


RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

I really like what you did with the cutout design on the transom............very creative...........that's an idea i'm going to have to copy.

Also thank you for turning me onto Concept 2 skulls!  I'm definately going with them!

Also I love the inlays!  I used to build musical instruments so I think I'll inlay some pearl dots along the gunals as well.

Ron........Omaha Nebr


RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.


a beautiful job.

A few questions, if you please...

I built a CLC Chester yawl a year or so ago and mainly row her on Raritan Bay ( south shore of Staten Island) but now find myself wanting something faster... i reckon the extra 2.5' of waterline translates into more speed for similar effort? Also she is 35-40 lbs lighter, which also should make for easier car-topping than my yawl.

FYI, I am 6'3" and around 220 lbs.

Also, I am especially wondering about the open water characteristics of the annapolis wherry, ie how well she handles chop & when it gets breezy, as i expect is the norm there on San Francisco Bay...?

I have had the chester yawl out in some nasty conditions and while it was not fun and even a bit spooky at times, I got used to feeling safe in her,  being careful when to turn her around in the waves, etc ( although always the fear that one of my oarlocks might break! from the torque on them...).

 I am also intrigued by the self-bailer. Seems a no-brainer if it works as well as you say. Where did you buy the part?


Thanks for your time-







RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

petersont, The bailer was purchased at Maas Boats, Richmond CA. It works well for my stated intention above. I would not solely rely on it to bail the boat out when rowing. I carry a collapsible canvas bucket just in case. Never had to use it. I am about 200 lbs, 6'2" so Wherry should be a good fit for you. The wherry is quite fast for what it is. I frequently am out rowing with open water scullers and while they are faster I usually am equally more stable and comfortable when things get dicey. By dicey I mean about 6" wind chop. Anything more and things start getting ugly and it's time to get off the water. Anyone that has ever done any kind of boating on San Francisco Bay is well aware that you have to know your limits and your crafts limits or you will get spanked. The wherry is a great boat but it is a completely open deck and will take water over the gunnels if you get yourself into conditions the boat was not designed to handle. I have been sailing the bay for years so i know the weather and conditions quite well. I took a big cruiser wake at an angle once and had an up close and personal with about 20 gals. of water. I was quite surprised, it was a flat calm day and the wake snuck up on me. The Wherry is a great boat in the right conditions.

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

I use an old prestone anti-freeze jug with the end cut off as a bailer although I've never had to use it while rowing ... yet. As an aside, I've intentionally swamped my Wherry (with the row-wing installed) to make sure it has enough buoyancy to float while full of water and was gratified to find that it does, seeing is believing.

Rowing into the wind isn't a whole lot of fun I suppose but I would think it has a little less windage than a Chester Yawl?

I cartop (actually pickup-top) the boat and maneuver it around with the small boat dolly CLC sells, well worth the price IMHO.

The boat is a magnet, I've yet to be out where someone hasn't come up to take a closer look.

RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

Thanks for the replies-

As for the wherry being suited for the  "right conditions" , where would you draw the line for these, ie at what wind speed / wave height do you think she is in over her head?

Also, I am curious about what you think about modifying her a bit to improve her abilities in rougher conditions... she is beautiful and from everything I've read quite fast, so love to make it work.


RE: Annapolis Wherry launch yesterday w/pics.

petersont, "right conditions" is very subjective and difficult to put into words. In my opinion most people vastly overestimate both wind speed and wave height. I have asked people to estimate wind speed while out sailing with me and unless they are experienced sailers virtually always overestimate the wind and wave conditions. It is not uncommon for people to guess 25 to 30 when the wind is actually 15 to 18 knts. The Wherry is a light, fast, flat water boat that will tolerate some wind and waves. If you are accurately measuring wind and waves then a 1 ft. wave is pretty big when your gunnels are only 4 inches above the water line at midships and 10 knts of wind has pretty big effect on 80lb.(+/-) boat. These are both conditions that the boat will tolerate but I will not. I want to row, not fight the wind and waves. All boats are a compromise, pick the one thats fits the conditions you will encounter most often and the one that is designed to be seaworthy in conditions in which you are comfortable and safe. I would not modify the boat in way. If you are inexperienced try to find someone near your rowing water who is willing to let you try a couple different boats. In my opinion the very best rowing "right conditions" are "flat water/no wind". It goes downhill rapidly from there. Watch my video  and you will see near perfect conditions. I would guess the waves to be about 6" with almost no wind. A little hobby horsing but not bad. These are the conditions that the Wherry loves.

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