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I put the my new ( still unfinnished ) Great Auk in the water for the second time today and noticed a strange handeling issue. When you quit paddleing the stern seems to want to skid out to one side. It's not like the bow is turning , the sensation is more like the boat is skiding sideways when it happens. Any ideas? I didn't notice it the first ime out but the seat may not have been in the same position or I just didn't notice with the whitecaps breaking into the cockpit.




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RE: trim questions

Is it always the same side? Or does it change depending on which side the last stroke was?

RE: trim questions

Hi Laszlo,

  It did it to both sides but I'm not sure if it depended on which side the last stroke was on, just wan't paying attention to that. I'm pretty sure the seat was several inches farther aft then the first time out though. My lower back was hitting the cockpit coaming this time around.


RE: trim questions

That would make sense, Chris. That would mean that your center of gravity is behind your center of buoyancy so you'd be yawing when going forward. Another possibilty is the wind. If your center of gravity was behind your center of effort and the wind was from the front, that'd also explain the yawing.

Keep track of the effects. Then, when you're out on long paddles, you can adjust your trim for easiest paddling.

Have fun,


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