mas epoxy pumps

What is the best way to clean up the pumps on Mas Epoxy and hardener?

They have been sitting for about a month, and the slow hardener pump was a little sluggish this morning.


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RE: mas epoxy pumps

Toss them out and use measuring cups. Those pumps are notoriously inaccurate.

RE: mas epoxy pumps

I have never had any problems with epoxy pumps from MAS or System 3, and I have built a lot of boats.  Don't toss them out, just let them drip as much epoxy off as possible and then use either vinegar or acetone to really clean them off.  Also, if it was cooler than normal in your shop that could explain why the pump was sluggish.


RE: mas epoxy pumps

Compromise position - throw them out and buy new ones. When you consider the cost of the vinegar or acetone, and the amount of time it'll take to clean them out and flush out the solvents so they won't pollute your epoxy, even at minimum wage the new pumps are a good deal.


RE: mas epoxy pumps

Thanks for your responses !

I have had NO problems with the pumps, and the mixes have always set up properly. I think I'll try the $ 1.25 vinegar route this time. I started the kayak this time last year and am down to the final coat and sanding. I hope to varnish before it gets any colder here. I intend to start # 2 this winter !

RE: mas epoxy pumps

I switched to measuring cups after finding out 1/2 way through my Pocketship project that the resin pump was underpumping by about 20%. Cost me an extra gallon of hardener to finish the project.


RE: mas epoxy pumps

My experience with my Shearwater was the same as Dave, resulting in some problems with curing. I used measuring cups for my Merganser, and found them to be not only much more accurate, but a lot faster than pumps. I have an unopened set of MAS pumps that I'd sell for $10 post paid in US. I've been told that these have been improved over the ones I used last year, but I'll never use pumps again. My email address is twofootartist. -Wes

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