Help-Building a Chespeake 17LT chine rounding

Boat is looking good.  Try to prep for glassing bottom.  Have rounded the chines and bilge with palm sander, 60 and 80 paper.  Looks and feels good. Manual called for "quarter" radius, or 1/4" radius.  When I have cut a model it indicated I have to take way more off my chine. Concerned about this.  Could I get some help with this issue.


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RE: Help-Building a Chespeake 17LT chine rounding


I'm also building a 17LT.  My chine radius (or radii) were about 1/4"..., nothing near the curve of a quarter (more like a dime).  The glass went on ok but a slightly larger diameter (let's say a nickel) would've made pulling the squeegee over the edges a little easier. 

Too sharp an edge and you'll notice the glass wants to pop up on the bottom edge as you go over to the sides (hard to describe but you'll see).  On my deck I went with a nickel size radius and it was much easier to control the pressure going from one surface to the other.  That seems to be key, the ease of maintaining even pressure as you round over the bottom to the hull side.

I've got lots of pictures in my post (kinda long now): Chese 17 (LT Modified) if you want to look.  You can get a good idea of the edges on my hull - I think there are several shots with dry glass and after it was wetted out.

Great boat; equally great fun project! 

Good luck and keep us posted!


P.S.  I wish I had your Florida weather... Virginia is much too cold and wet this time of year.


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