Cockpit Combing

I have had an Alberg 30 and a Crealock(Pacific Seacraft) and both were Tiller boats. No matter how well or poorly I kept up with the varnish work on these boats if the Tiller was finished well the boat looked great.

So, I am thinking the same thing about my cockpit combing on on my Chesapeak 17LT.

Putting this together on the boat and than trying to sand and finish it seems to me to be challenging. I am thinking of putting plastic sheeting under the first spacer, tacking it down, than epoxying the second spacer on, and finally epoxying the combing ring on.  After this sets up, I think I can remove the combing, and more easily shape it and finish it.  I can than epoxy it on. Has anyone thought of this prior to my post and if so how did this plan work?


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RE: Cockpit Combing


Mine is made of carbon fiber, layed up exactly as you describe (although I used clear packing tape instead of plastic - major hassle to remove later)... and my coaming is now cured but has yet to be attached.  Needs shaping and sanding, as you describe.

Seems like your plan will work; just clamp the spacers well so they retain the shape of the deck as they dry.


RE: Cockpit Combing

Most people using a two-step coaming approach epoxy the spacers to the hull first.  Then clean up the outside edge of the spacers and add a tiny fillet.  While that's curing they round the outside edge of the top ring to a pleasing shape.  Then epoxy on the top ring.  This keeps the number of moving parts to a minimum.  Be careful at the front centerline of the coaming where the spacer halves meet - you need a smooth curve across the joint so the top ring doesn't look broken there when you are finished.  Hint:  you can sand that joint to a fair curve if needed.

Good luck, you're getting close to paddle time.

RE: Cockpit Combing

What # A30 did you own?  We have hull #114 (Carina Vela) up here in Gloucester, MA.  


I concur with what you have said about the cockpit coaming.  I feel like i rushed mine by doing the whole kitten all at once, and didn't get the opportunity to fair down the outer edges of the spacers. Mind you, I'm happy with the way it came out, but had I know things were going to progress into winter, I would have taken a lot more time on it.  Alas, I'm hoping the the teak/ash/cherry/walnut compass block and shaped cherry carry toggles take the focus off any deficiencies in the cockpit coaming :-)


RE: Cockpit Combing

I sold my Alberg 30 in 1988.  I can't remember the number. It was new in I think 1976 or 1977.  It's name was LaBrisa and a man from Texas bought it from me. It was a very sweet boat.


RE: Cockpit Combing

A well-combed cockpit always looks good. :-)

The 2-part coaming assembly is definitely the way to go. Click on the picture if you want to see an example of how it was done on my WD12.


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