Beveling the inner stem

Ok....getting there with the endforms, but still some things to figure out. I'm building a Guillemot, and bought the kit. Endforms are included as well as the patterns for the inner stems. I was assuming that the inner stems would just fit on top of the endform, but when I try to fit it, it doesn't match the shape. However, if you hold the inner stem right next to the endform, the shapes match.

 So, I'm thinking the endform was manufactured to allow the builder to choose to use the inner stem or to use the old-fashioned finger joints. Since I'm using inner stems, I'll need to trace the shape of the inner stem on to the endform and sand or saw away the excess.

 Am I right about this? I'd really rather not cut at the endforms if I'm not supposed to!

 Thanks again for your help with this.


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RE: Beveling the inner stem

Exactly!  He suggests taping the inner stem to the form and gradually removing the tape strips as the slide strips are added.  That way the stem stays in place during the construction but can be removed once the hull is finished.  I believe there are some videos  in the shop tips that relate to all of this.


RE: Beveling the inner stem

I too was confused with the extra stem parts, then I could not bring myself to use partical board as a part of my yak.  So after looking at the way Joe at Redfish did his it made more sense.  So now I just cut a 1/2" off the end forms and then lamenate 1/8" strips to fill in what you just cut off.  You can hold them on the form by placing screws along the center.  File, sand, or plane the strip to shape as you work the strips up.  And remember to remove the screws one at a time before you cover them with the strips.  I have pics of this on my blog entries  and 

RE: Beveling the inner stem

Thanks, guys. Both of these suggestions are really helpful. Kayakev--that's a really nice looking outer stem you've built. You've got me thinking...

RE: Beveling the inner stem

Nick Schade has been posting a series of nice videos showing various stages of building with strips:

Take a look at the one called, "Shaping Internal Stems".


Ogata, eric

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