Rubstrip durring construction?


First off, I want to apologize if this has already been covered. I want to swear I've been involved in a thread on the topic, but I can't seem to find it, so.... 

I'm about to order my kayak, and I want to set up the rubstrip kit from day 1. (most of my beaches are more rocks than sand) I read the directions and they seem like directions to retrofit. If I were to put it on durring the build is the only difference that I'd put it on before varnishing? Or is there something else that would be done differently for a build time install? 

Thanks. :) 


-- James

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RE: Rubstrip durring construction?


If you're talking about a keel rub strip, then I'd say yes, that's the key difference.  You may consider putting a layer of glass over it as well, but that will likely just show damage sooner than if you put a pretty piece of hardwood impregnated with epoxy.


RE: Rubstrip durring construction?

Sounds like there is some confusion here.  I presume you are talking about the CLC Dynel & carbon powder/epoxy rub strips.  If so, yes, just install them before farnishing.  Shold be much easier than a retrofit where one must carefully sand only where the strip goes.  I have done a retrofilt and am about to do a new-build installation.  These strips by the way are fantastic.  Virtually indestructable.

Paul G

RE: Rubstrip durring construction?

Yes, I was talking about the Dynel strips. Thanks. I'm definately adding this to my durring build must have list. :)

 Thank you:)

- James

RE: Rubstrip durring construction?

Add them during the build before varnish and paint. These pictures are from my Mill Creek 16.5 build. You could save time by cutting the cloth to shape and wetting it out. I was looking for a neater finish and took the extra time to mask off between layers and coats.

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