Hanging Kayak?

I just finished my 17LT (Hooray!). It is, of course, a thing of beauty. I was going to store it in the garage by making 2 loops in rope, place one end in each loop and pulley it to the rafters.

Is this a bad idea? I have seen some plastic boats sag and deform. I just want to make sure that my wood/fiberglass creation will stay true and straight.

I live in Colorado and it is cold in the garage most of the winter. I don't suppose that matters but I don't know what I don't know so I throw it out there.

THank you. Comments?


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RE: Hanging Kayak?

Shouldn't hurt a bit. I have a 17LT and a WR18 hanging in my shop. Been there for 4 years with no problems. The loops are about 3 feet in from the ends. The only thing different I did was to use a two pulley system (one at the boat, the other at the ceiling) as a single pulley was a bit hard to pull up.

George K 

RE: Hanging Kayak?

The only problem I could think of is that a small rope could cut into the finish if you have that high gloss finish.  I agree with George and I use a cheap pully system that one uses for bicycles and just use nylon webbing around the yak

RE: Hanging Kayak?

Oh yeah, I forgot, if you are real lucky and the yak on your car can fit in the garage and through the door, then you can just lift off your car when you are done and drop it down the next time you go out.  I'm not that lucky, my truck wont even fit under my garage door by it self. LOL

RE: Hanging Kayak?

I hang my kayaks from the garage ceiling using the same straps that I use to lash them to the roof rack of my beach wagon. The straps attach to screw eyes driven into the ceiling joists and located about where the kayak bulkheads are so as not to put undue pressure on the hull. Our kayaks are not heavy enough to distort from their own weight alone.

RE: Hanging Kayak?

You will not have any problems. Check out Chris J's. site the Algonquin Paddler, he hangs them in the house during the off season. That is a beautiful art collection.


RE: Hanging Kayak?

Yet another confirmation.  I've hung mine from webbing loops around the whole boat (think sling) and I've hung them from my bow and stern handles on those bike hooks you screw into the walls/joists.  All my boats get hung this way and there haven't been any problems in the last 6 years.


RE: Hanging Kayak?

Congrats on finishing your kayak! Where in CO are you? I live in Boulder . . . .

Drop me a line if you'd like to chat - also, we might have a CO, WY boatbuilder's messabout sometime this summer, if you're interested.

Dave - [email protected]

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