Stems for a strip

Wood kayaks are not seen in my parts too often.  Other than my buddies I have never seen one other.  I am to put stems on my bow and stern.  I have never seen a kayak with a stem yet.  Any pics I have seen do not show the stem completely.  Nor do any instructions I have seen explain how to end the stem on the hull.  Are they tapered?  End abruptly?  Imbedded?



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RE: Stems for a strip

Here's one way to do it:

RE: Stems for a strip

You dont need them if you lace your strips at the bow and stern.  I how ever like them for mental reasons only.  It seems as though they will take abuse better, but I am sure that is only in my mind.  You can see how I did both inner and outer stems on all 4 of my yaks.

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