Question for Laszlo

How and when did you put tha cute luck on the outside of your Wood Duck 12? 

Coach C. 

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RE: Question for Laszlo

Hi Clay.

My Wood Duck logo was adapted from CLC's onlay kit. I was going to buy two of theirs, but when I looked at them in the store they were backed such that they always have to face right. That would have had one duck facing forward and another facing backward.

So I adapted the design to a solid black graphic and printed it onto rice paper with a laser printer. Before I glassed the hull I epoxied the image to the bow on both sides.The rice paper turned transparent and the duck stayed black. If you search the forum for "rice paper" you'll find more information than you'd ever want about the process, as well as lots of examples. It's a very popular topic.

After the duck was on, it was covered with the hull glass, as well as the overlap from the deck to the hull, so it's sitting under 2 layers of glass, enough epoxy to fill the weave and a few coats of varnish. It's not going anywhere.

Rice paper is available at art & crafts supply stores.

Have fun,



RE: Question for Laszlo

Thanks for you quick reply.  My wife is the artist in the house and this will be her project. 

Make sure you have a great day.  

Coaach C.

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