crystalized epoxy?

I\'m using System Three Epoxy for my kayaks. The hardener is fine, but the other is starting to crystalize in the bottle. It is a bit old (three years) as the arrival of a baby threw off my schedule by a couple of years, maybe that\'s just what happens to epoxy when it sits for a while???? Has anybody ever seen this? Is there something that I can do to get it to a usable consistency again?



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RE: crystalized epoxy?


It's totally normal when epoxy sits in the cold for too long. Just soak the bottle in hot water (120 degrees fahrenheit or so) for 3 or 4 hours. The crystals will melt and the epoxy will be fine again. Just be sure to do it until all the crystales have melted.


PS - don't forget the pumps, if you have any


RE: crystalized epoxy?

Awesome, thanks a lot.

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