Rudders for Mill Creek 16.5

I'm ordering my Mill Creek kit today and I've seen lots of photos of these with the rudder kit.  I'm going to add a rowing unit but it will also be used for double paddling.  I won't need the rudder for rowing, but wonder if it is necessary for paddling? 

I flipped and flopped over my final boat decision.  First, it was the Annapolis Wherry and I even ordered the manual.  Then, the Mill Creek, then the Oxford Shell, then the C17LT and back to the Mill Creek.  It really came down to versatility.  The MC 16.5 seems to be the best choice for us.  My daughters can both paddle it, my wife and I can paddle and I can row it.  We can even convert it to a sailboat and then I'll definitely need the rudder.  This boat will look great in our slip hanging above our other boat.  That other boat is currently a 24ft pontoon boat with three tubes and a ski package.  It is a nice comfy boat and can easily tow a skier.  But, another wooden boat is about to take it's place.  A Glen-L Zip is destined for that spot and in April, the boat lift will have the appropriate fittings to accomodate the Zip with room to also accomodate the MC 16.5.

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RE: Rudders for Mill Creek 16.5

im going to build one too i plan on paddling it first and then deciding if it needs a rudder

RE: Rudders for Mill Creek 16.5

Hi Jeff,

   The only reason we've needed a rudder on our Mill Creek is for the sail rig. The manual includes plans for a rudder but it may be a bit large for paddeling applications. It's the one I used for mine and is fine for sailing but may be a bit touchy for rowing.



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