old Chesapeake

I found an old CLC boat, stitch n glue, the early Chesapeake variety.  It is 16 ft by 24 wide.  The differences are one more chine/piece on the hull and maybe a slight difference in the height behind the cockpit, which is the same size as the Chesapeake's  The previous owner listed it as  a Chesapeake but said the name was River something or other.  It needs some work, yes, but I can have a nice boat afterwards without having to build another kayak from the plans/kit up. 

My question is, what is the name of this boat?  Dave will be posting a picture of it here soon. 

It is well made and is seaworthy right now.  I will take it out one time at least before I start sanding on it. 

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RE: old Chesapeake

Could be a WestRiver I believe it is one of there older boats.

RE: old Chesapeake

Sounds like you have the old 16' version of the West River. Years ago CLC made 2 versions, the 16 and the 18. The new WR 18 has slightly different lines than the old version. There was an overlay of the lines drawings of both boats on here when the new one was released. It is definitely not a Chesapeake since it's a multichine hull. Looking forward to seeing the pics.

George K

RE: old Chesapeake

here are some pics Dawn talked about.





RE: old Chesapeake

That would be a West River 162 or 164.  They both had the same hull.  The 164 was taller with higher cambered decks; would accommodate larger feet (mens size 14 vs. size 13), heavier paddlers, and larger loads.  The 162 had a flatter aft deck.  The Choosing a Kayak chart in an old catalog lists the 164 as having a 1/2" longer hull (16'2.5") and an inside height at knees of 13" (12" for the 162).  Recommended paddler weights listed were 140-230 lbs for the 162 and 180-250 lbs for the 164 with max payloads of 300 & 340 lbs (162 & 164, respectively).  Estimated hull weights were both 45 lbs.  All the West Rivers had four-panel hulls, the Cheasapeaks two-panel hulls (per side).

RE: old Chesapeake

Just looking at it you can see that it's a boat that has given its previous owner some great times and good memories. With a little TLC and a lot of sanding, it'll be ready to do it again for another lucky person. Glad to see that it's being preserved.



RE: old Chesapeake

Thank you all for your input.  Yes, the previous owner said he had lots of good times in it.  I think it is the West River 162, as the aft deck is flatter, it is 16 feet, and the deck is -- cambered, which to me means it has planes to it.  I will enjoy "restoring" it.    By the way, the Matunucks are coming along very nicely.  I/we hopefully will post some recent pictures of them. 

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