Sassafras 14 as solo

I'm into the fiberglassing of my Sassafras 14 and am looking ahead to the seat instalation. While I haven't finalized what seat to use (cane homemade or Happy bottom?) I am worried about the placement of a single seat since the Sassafras 14 plans have two.

Does anyone have any information or opinions on how to change to a solo seat? Where it should be placed? How low it should be? etc etc.

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.


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RE: Sassafras 14 as solo

Place the single seat close to the midpoint between the two seats, tending aft just a bit.  You want the boat to trim about like it would with two aboard but if you don't hit it right on, better a little aft trim than forward trim.  Mount the seat no higher than what is shown on the plans and as low as is comfortable for paddling.

Paul G.

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