Annapolis, we have a hull!

My MC 16.5 now looks like a boat.  I found the stiching part to be enjoyable and it took my mind off the stress of business.  So far, I have done everything without a helper and that includes stiching the sheer panels.  Man those things were stiff.

I'm still building in our basement and I used two folding tables as a base.   That definitely got the boat off the floor, but my lower back is still sore.  I used two 24" bar clamps purchased at Harbor Freight Tools to keep the sheer panels from flopping around.  I clamped the to each side of the table and just moved them down as I went.  It made bending the panels around the shape of the hull much easier and I was able to do it without a helper.

The stitched panels looking toward the bow:

Looking toward the stern:

Side view of the stern.  I hope this does not become a huge problem.  The stiches are not tight and I can probably get this to match up a little better.  A little trimming may be necessary.

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RE: Annapolis, we have a hull!

Should probably include a side shot of the bow.  No, I didn't get angry and rip out the drywall.  During all the heavy rains of 2009 in the Atlanta area, we had a basement leak.  I had to rip out a section of drywall and carpet.  The actual repair takes place tomorrow after more than six months of waiting.  Business for basement leak repair was booming in 2009/2010 around here.

RE: Annapolis, we have a hull!

The mismatch at the stern is a non problem.  After you're happy with the hull's shape (square/plumb/fair/pretty/etc.) and have epoxied the hull together, trim it to suit.  I hope you continue to enjoy the build and then the paddling.

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