DMC Epoxy

Last fall I posted a request for information about DMC epoxies.  Getting no advice I decided to go ahead and purchase the epoxy after speaking with the company directly and finding out it's actually made by System 3 epoxy.


Well I made a water barrel from the epoxy using Luan plywood, and have to say it's holding up as well as the System 3 (or MAS--can't remember which) I used on my Northbay.  It also has the added benefit of being 100% clear.  It goes off at a reasonable speed and spreads smoothly and easily.  I haven't done any strength tests, but can't see any noticeable difference in what I'd expect given the forces I'm putting on it.


I bought this stuff from Fiberglass Warehouse for about half the price of most "name brand" epoxies, and I'll definitely be purchasing more in the near future.





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