Question about epoxying the bilge

I work on my boat each night and Friday, I started filleting.  I started at the stern and moved forward. I added the first coat of unthickened epoxy to the stern area on Friday.  I forgot the manual said to apply the second coat within 72hrs and I'm over that limit.  If I lightly sand that area, will it be OK to add the 2nd coat?  The rest of the boat I coated last night.  I'll add the second coat to the rest of the boat tonight.

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RE: Question about epoxying the bilge

Here's a link (I hope) to what MAS Epoxies recommends as a test to determine when it's okay to recoat without sanding.

The MAS Cotton Ball Trick

In my experience using "the trick", 72 hours is usually too long to wait.  Some amount of strength in the bond is said to be lost by waiting to sand, but I hope it's not too much.  Because I've been doing it routinely, ever since I first tried to lay fiberglass tape directly over soft mushy fillets.  Sanding isn't that much extra work, and I like the smoother results.

RE: Question about epoxying the bilge

Yep, it is too far along for cotton to stick.  I'll scuff it.  I want it smooth anyway.

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