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I've been working on the MC16.5 for just over two weeks now and the stitches come out today.  That means, it's time to flip her and prep the hull for glass.  I plan to paint the interior (probably white) and I need to make that purchase. Is there a good interior paint that will not cost me $50?  I've already spent $185 on hull paint and varnish for the decks.  But I will spend the dough if it's necessary.

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RE: Interior Paint

Unless you are planning on leaving your boat open to the elements, just use a good quality oil based porch paint.  I'm partial to Benjamin Moore.  I used it inside my dory (which does live outside) and it's held up well for two seasons.

RE: Interior Paint

It will be either in a covered boat slip out of the water or sitting inside on a pair of slings.  For some reason, I thought epoxy and oil based paint would not stick.  I guess a good primer over the epoxy and then the paint is the way?

RE: Interior Paint


I painted my interior with oil based exterior enamel..., no primer.  Seems to have adhered quite well.  I wouldn't add the weight (i.e., primer).


RE: Interior Paint

Primer's also good for getting a smoother coat, not just adherence. It finishes the job that you started with the fairing compound. Lay down a few coats of primer, sand it with a fairing board, repeat until it looks perfect or you've had enough sanding.


RE: Interior Paint

Thanks Guys,

I'll prime and paint the bilge area with some locally sourced paint.  I have Brightsides paint for the hull and regular schooner for the rest. 

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