Christened the Shearwater 17 hybrid

After 4 month's of dedicated hard work, I have finished my boat including picking out in my opinion, the proper roof rack, and wall mount storage system . For the roof rack I used the Yakima Bowdown, works very nice and thickly padded all over. For garage storage I used the Talic Kayak Condo which cradles the kayak on it's side via 2" wide straps with no surfaces of the kayak touching anything but the straps. Simple and functional for protecting your finish. If you have time, check out my blog which chronicles the complete build up from start to finish. Before I started my boat, I did countless searches on the net picking up tips from many different builders blogs and websites and utilizing or integrating bits and pieces of many builders ideas into my Shearwater. This project was challenging, yet very rewarding when you can see the boat coming together after many different stages and then finally the finished product.



 Christening dayng day

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RE: Christened the Shearwater 17 hybrid

Not quite sure how the previous pic was so blurry. But here is the real deal.


RE: Christened the Shearwater 17 hybrid

nice should be proud.

we did the same with our MC16.5 on friday evening. looks like you had calm waters as well.

happy paddling



our blog


RE: Christened the Shearwater 17 hybrid

Now that's a floating coffee table! Nice job!

RE: Christened the Shearwater 17 hybrid

Thanks for the kudos.

RE: Christened the Shearwater 17 hybrid

Well, how does she go? I've just received my s&g shearwater plans, but debating whether I will build it or the WR 180 next. I'm after great speed but I've had a Pax 20 that doesn't seem to go any faster than my expedition single. What would you do?

RE: Christened the Shearwater 17 hybrid

Hi revensdale,

Sorry to respond so late. I've had it in the water about 4 times now and I'm really happy with the way the shearwater handles. Tracks pretty well and only takes a little leaning to one side or the other onto the second keel (second panel up from centerline as you continue your paddleing stroke to correct any variances in direction. Felt a little tippy at first until I braced with my knees on the underside. Prior to this boat, I have only paddled an Ocean Kayak sit on top 12 1/2 footer. This was a project that I wanted to do for many years and finally did it. I am very happy with the outcome and performance. Good luck with your choice, whatever it may be


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