Chesapeake 17 LT DONE

Last bits and pieces installed. Weighed the boat and it is 51-52 lbs.  Ok, how did I do?

I will update the pictures shortly.  No, it hasn't seen the water yet, probably either tomorrow or this weekend.  If this weekend with two other similar boats that are 5 years old. I will transport to Tampa.

It has been a very fun project from start to finish.

Thanks all for the support.  I am a happy camper!


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RE: Chesapeake 17 LT DONE

Congrats!  How long did you work on it?  I just glassed the hull of a Mill Creek 16.5 last night.  I started on April 3.

RE: Chesapeake 17 LT DONE

Received the boat and began working on it about November 15th. About 2 months this winter was just not good enough weather, so that was the time frame. I am guessing somewhere around 80 hours plus or minus 15%.


RE: Chesapeake 17 LT DONE

Here is a slideshow of the building of the above kayak. 


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RE: Chesapeake 17 LT DONE

That embed did not work, lets try this Url. 

Copy and paste in an address bar and you should get the pics.



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