Autumn Gales 2013 (click for larger photos)

"Autumn Gales is a rough water sea kayak training event for advanced paddlers based out of Stonington, Connecticut.  The event is timed with the higher current flows of Fishers Island Sound to take advantage of the tide races in the area." --

This year, expert paddler Joey Schott joined designer Nick Schade to run the Gales in two of CLC's sportiest kayak kits.  Nick (foreground) paddled his 14-foot Petrel Play SG design, while Joey paddled the 14' 6" Shearwater Sport drawn by Nick's brother, Eric Schade.

Conditions were lively and the kayaks handled beautifully.  CLC's Blaine Skilling wrangled a spot on the chase boat and captured the photography below. Click on any image for a larger view.

Greg Paquin from Kayak Waveology runs through the Saturday morning briefing before everyone sets out on the water.

The newly finished Petrel Play looks great in red.

Here's Joey in the Shearwater Sport, getting ready for an exciting but very tough day on the water.

The breakwater at Stonington, CT.

Nick's an old hand at the Gales.

Instructor Nigel Dennis from Kayak Waveology showing how it's done.

Petrel Play SG.

Look at Joey grin!

Kayak Waveology instructor Paula Riegel, above.

And our friend Harry Whalen in the blue and black boat