As part of the 2016 lineup of dozens of their popular Build-Your-Own-Boat classes at locations around the country in 2016, we're excited to be offering three sponsored by the Center for Wooden Boats in Seattle, WA.

Students in Seattle in 2016 can select from several of CLC's most popular kayak and small craft designs including a full line of recreational sea kayaks in various sizes and configurations as well as a sleek rowing wherry suitable for fixed-seat or sliding-seat use and a classic rowing/sailing dory.

Following a Build-Your-Own Northeaster Dory class in May, another 2016 boatbuilding class offered by CLC through the Center for Wooden Boats is a build-your-own sea kayak featuring virtually any of the stitch-and-glue designs in the Shearwater and Wood Duck lines starting July 11.

Shearwater and Wood Duck kayaks are among the most popular of CLC's designs. The Shearwater line is known for performance as well as visual elegance, while the Wood Duck models are popular as compact, easy-to-launch craft that offer a lot of versatility. 

Kayak Class July 11-16

A final class focuses on the Annapolis Wherry, in single or tandem configurations, beginning August 15.

Both models of the Annapolis Wherry, single and tandem, are beautiful rowing vessels designed for sliding-seat use, but also are delightful in the fixed-seat configuration.Wherry Class Aug 15-20


JUST ADDED! A repeat of 2016’s first Seattle class! Starting on September 19, students will build the popular 17-foot Northeaster Dory, the same model used in Rick Clark’s newsmaking Row to Canada for ALS fundraiser in August 2012

The Northeaster Dory is not only well suited to rowing but also to sailing with the addition of an optional sailing rig. It’s a capacious, stable boat with a substantial payload for passengers or gear for camp-cruising and adventuring.Dory Class May 23-28


In CLC classes, talented professional instructors help students assemble their own boats from start to finish. Most classes are 5-1/2 days---a perfect one-week vacation, with a boat to take home at the end, ready for finish work.

Demand for the classes remains strong year after year as the word spreads. In 2015 CLC ran more than 30 classes at sites in Maine, Connecticut, Maryland, Michigan, and Washington. In addition to the Center for Wooden Boats, 2016 locations will include the legendary WoodenBoat School in Brooklin, Maine; the Great Lakes Boatbuilding School in Cedarville, Michigan; Blue Edge Boat Building in Toronto, Ontario; as well as classes held in the CLC shop in Annapolis, Maryland.

While CLC's precision-cut boat kits are intended for first-time boatbuilders working at home---more than 30,000 completed CLC boats are on the water---a classroom setting still has its advantages. Students work in lavishly equipped shops with a professional boatbuilder at their side and enjoy the positive energy (and extra hands) of a group setting. For those who bring helpers, classes are a rewarding and memorable parent-child or family experience.

Those unfamiliar with modern wood-epoxy composite boatbuilding can watch examples of these week-long classes condensed into short timelapse videos at