Dan in his Chester Yawl

Two adventurous fund-raising quests in CLC designs ended in February 2016.  Adelaide university student Dan O'Callaghan reached the beach near home after rowing more than 1,300 miles down the length of Australia's longest river system in a purpose-built Chester Yawl. New England grandmother Deb Walters completed the final legs of her own 2,500-mile voyage from Maine to Guatemala in a CLC-customized Chesapeake 18.

These exciting small-boat adventures were both physical challenges and effective fund-raising tools. Dan's 45-day row raised money for Kiva, an international organization that provides micro-loans to budding entrepreneurs in developing countries. Deb's quest, which stretched out over 18 months or so, raked in more than $425,000 in donations to Safe Passage, an organization providing support and education to the children and families living in poverty in the Guatemala City garbage dump community.  The feat earned her recognition at the United Nations.

Carp Eye Diem at the finishDan documented the build of his Chester Yawl as well as his adventures on the river on his Facebook page. Along the way, he picked up plenty of newspaper covreage, even some TV, and while some questioned his sanity, no one doubted his determination.

Bedeviled by back trouble along the way, her blog post covering the final days of the voyage is truly celebratory, and who can blame her? Deb's face also shone out from newspaper front pages as she celebrated her stop in Key West.

Congratulations to both Dan and Deb, who dreamed big, showed grit and determination, and sacrificed to help others with their own dreams.