Check out a few photos from the 2014 Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in St. Michaels, Maryland. The weather was fine but the tide was rather high---fine for boating, but sloshing about ashore was not the place to be, especially with decent sailing breeze on the river. We had a great time messing about in small craft. Thanks to everyone who came to see us and try out the boats!

Chester Yawl, Sassafras 12, Skerry beside the temporary inland sea ...

Skerry testing for all ages.

High water made for easy launching of the Petrel Play.

A beautiful Northeaster Dory at the dock

This Wood Duck 12 has room for two.

Pretty Petrel paddling by ...

The Annapolis Wherry was popular.

PocketShip didn't spend much time at the dock.

There goes the Annapolis Wherry again.

A friend brought his own nice Skerry.

and lots of folks tried out the Northeaster Dory.

Chester Yawl and Petrel Play.

Getting into the action with the Petrel Play.

See you next year!