OkoumeFest 2018

Page 2: Chesapeake Light Craft's OkoumeFest at Matapeake State Park, Kent Island, Maryland

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CLC staff hustled some 60 demo boats down the hill to the beach on Saturday morning. (Making an unholy mess of Matapeake State Park's groomed walking path.)

Sailboats poised on Saturday morning.

OkoumeFest 2018 Saturday beach

The beach on Saturday morning.

Dan ignoring the rain

Boatbuilder Dan Thaler, ignoring the rain.

Io Canoe at OkoumeFest 2018

Kids don't care about rain!

Tenderly XP

The Tenderly XP prototype made an appearance and stayed busy all day.

Tenderly XP

The Tenderly XP under sail.

Rigging Small Boats

John Harris held a rigging seminar.

Rigging seminar.

Safety Paddler Chris B.

Chris Beckman was among the Chesapeake Paddlers Association members who managed on-water safety all day on Saturday, their TWENTIETH year doing so.

Dudley Dix brought an Argie 15, a terrific little sloop you can build from a kit.

Dudley Dix's Argie 15

Argie 15 by Dudley Dix

CLC OkoumeFest Wooden Boats

You won't often see so many wooden boats in one place! Attendees came from all over the US and Europe.

Waterlust Sailing Canoe

The Waterlust Canoe saw continuous action all day.

Heavy traffic near the beach

Heavy traffic near the beach.

Taking a break from the rain

Taking a break from the rain.

Waterlust Canoe & Tenderly XP

Waterlust Canoe and Tenderly XP.

Tenderly, Passagemaker, Chester

TenderlyPassagemaker Dinghy, and a Chester Yawl.


Phil Smith came over from Fyne Boat Kits, our UK agents based in Cumbria. Here he is enjoying the proper "British clinker dayboat" known as Tenderly.

Nick Schade's microBootlegger Sport SOF

Nick Schade's prototype microBootlegger Sport skin-on-frame kayak got lots of water time. Here are a whole bunch of videos of this interesting kayak.


Plenty of things for kids to do. Just give them a bucket.

CLC Eastport Pram Kits

An Eastport Pram and an Eastport Nesting Pram standing by for on-water demos.

Kids' model boats

The kids' model boat table.

Tenderly, Tenderly XP, Waterlust Canoe

Future boatbuilder.

Electric dinghy

An electric-powered dinghy.

Skin-on-Frame kayak by Chris B

Beautiful skin-on-frame kayak brought by Chris Beckman. Chris says, "That's the Delmarva Team Build. Anders Thygesen did the cockpit and led the build at the Delmarva Paddlers Retreat last year. All wood sourced in Delaware and out of trees at Camp Arrowhead in Lewes, DE"

CLC Oxford Shell II

CLC's new Oxford Shell II debuted in public for the first time.

CLC Oxford Shell II

Intended for rec-racing, workouts, or ocean rowing, the Oxford Shell II is 20’10” long and 21” wide.

CLC's Nicky Stimpson led a stand-up paddleboarding demo

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